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Being sick or injured is hard enough. You don’t need the added stress of worrying if your doctor is qualified and trained to correctly diagnose and treat your condition, especially if it’s life threatening or when your loved one is the patient. At America’s ER, we strive to make our patients feel confident with the care they receive and that’s the reason we only hire board certified ER doctors to staff our facilities. Having trained in world-renowned medical centers from across the nation, the physicians managing your care at America’s ER have the knowledge, experience and excellence you can trust. As an added benefit, these highly qualified ER physicians also staff our 24/7 urgent care center, so regardless which department you’re in, you will be treated only by the best. And why shouldn’t you expect the best? We sure do.


As an athlete himself, Dr. Letsinger is a favorite among our high school and college students. While musculoskeletal and long bone injuries are his bread and butter given his extensive knowledge of human anatomy, having trained at both the University of Cincinnati and Scott and White, there is nothing he can’t diagnose and treat. A great doctor with a great talent in caring for patients and their families with the compassion and warmth you’d expect from a big teddy bear like him.


As our newest physician, Dr. Butler is by no means new to emergency medicine. Trained at University of Cincinnati’s prestigious emergency medicine residency program and with almost a decade of experience as a practicing ER board-certified doctor, Dr. Butler is fully prepared to handle anything that comes through our doors. His friendly smile and gentle demeanor put every patient completely at ease.

Rick G. Lorentz, M.D.,

Always steady as a rock, there is no emergency situation that rattles Dr. Lorentz. His straight to business, no-nonsense clinical style and infamously friendly bedside manner match his abilities to keep a calm and level head during the chaos of the emergency room. With tens of thousands of hours in the ER and a background in trauma surgery, Dr. Lorentz’s vast clinical skills are a valuable asset to America’s ER.

Why shouldn’t you expect the best?
We sure do.