ER & 24/7


Raising the Bar in Healthcare

What sets America’s ER apart, creating a new standard in healthcare for others to follow? Simply said, we’re patient-centered. Our ER and 24/7 Urgent Care Center are state-of-the-art facilities that provide not only top-notch medical care in a convenient and comfortable setting, but with expediency and exceptional customer service—all at an appropriate cost. We also value being an integral part of the community and work hard to give back and stay involved. Quality. Convenience. Customer service. Community. That’s the AER difference.


ER & 24/7 Urgent Care

When there’s a medical emergency, no one wants to spend hours sitting in a crowded waiting room. Patients want the best care and fast. Conveniently located within the neighborhood, equipped with advanced technology and staffed with experienced doctors, nurses and technicians, America’s ER and 24/7 Urgent Care Center provide hospital-quality medical care quickly. Finally, healthcare made easy.

The New Standard

America’s ER goes far above and beyond what is required to open and operate a community-based ER. In fact, as one of the state’s most capable emergency rooms (according to the recent capability-based freestanding ER leveling classification system), we are better equipped and more capable of handling any condition when compared to many traditional hospital-based ERs. We expect the best, why shouldn’t you?